We are committed to player participation.

Investors at the �Passive Player� membership level ($99.00 per year) are invited to claim ownership over the data, research, and analytics related to a chosen portfolio configuration. The configuration may be the portfolio represented by an ETF or a mutual fund.

The configuration will act as a benchmark portfolio against which other players will compare their results. When a player chooses your benchmark configuration, you get a dollar.

We are projecting 5000 active players by the end of 2018. The more popular of the benchmarks will be chosen by most of them. If yours is the chosen benchmark for even 10% of the total, your benchmark will be paying you at a rate 0f $500 per year by the end of 2018.

We are projecting 10,000 active players by the end of 2018. If your benchmark retains market share then your annual rate of participation PAYDAY grows to $1000 and you will have created an asset worth more than $20,000.00 (assuming a discount rate of 5%)

$99.00 per year creates an asset worth $20,000 in two years. Not bad.

If you choose to be an “Active Player’, you create and claim ownership over an investing strategy. Otos is the possibility of Freedom and Ease, Empowerment and Fun. Together with Otos you will create your strategy and Otos will support you through the start-up and maintain your portfolio and strategy over time. This will create a track record that will be measured against the chosen passive benchmark. With a superior strategy, support from Otos and your own sound judgment, the executed strategy will produce an eye-catching result relative to your chosen benchmark and other players will choose you as their active player benchmark. You get paid a dollar. If you are chosen by 10% of the active players and 10% of the passive players as their active benchmark, by the end of the second year your strategy is generating $2000 per year in participation and you have created an asset worth $40,000 (Assuming a discount rate of 5 %.)

$299.00 per year creates an asset worth $40,000.00 in two years. What a PAYDAY.

By the end of 2021 we are projecting that the game will have 50,000 players. The best active strategies are likely to be chosen as the active benchmark by the majority of players. If you are in the top 10 strategies, your strategy could be generating as much as $10,000 per year and you will have created an asset worth $2million (at a discount rate of 5%)

$299.00 per year can turn into an asset worth $2,000,000.00 in five years. That’s a monster PAYDAY!

If you are invested, then you have a strategy. OTOS learning technology creates knowledge and wisdom around that strategy and empowers your decisions. If you are not invested, you may wish to create a strategy to have fun in the stock market and educate yourself in the execution and management of your strategy. REGISTER NOW for active and passive player memberships.