Gregory JostResearcher

Gregory Jost is a skilled and experienced researcher, organizer, and facilitator with expertise in affordable housing, the history of redlining, and strategies for community reinvestment . At University Neighborhood Housing Program, Gregory created the Building Indicator Project to evaluate levels of physical and financial distress more than in 60,000 New York City apartment buildings and transform the ways banks, their regulators and City agencies interact with properties and their owners. He holds both a Bachelors and Masters of Arts from Fordham University, completed two years in the Team, Management and Leadership Program at Landmark Worldwide, co-founded a Community Supported Agriculture cooperative in his neighborhood over a decade ago, was a founding board member of the school where his two children now attend, and is a long time board member of New Economy Project. Gregory is currently writing a book on race, real estate and redlining through a Bronx lens, and is co-launching a consulting firm, Designing the We.